The Practice

Welcome to our virtual yoga practice. The session we’ve built is suitable for everyone, both beginners and those already on the yoga path.During the practice we want to strengthen our attentiveness. We practice to the exact extent of our abilities at this moment. Yoga is restraining the fluctuating consciousness, without tension and without strength.

If during the VR session you experience dizziness, discomfort or pain, it’s always possible to stop and take off the headset. The session will stop automatically and will resume when the headset is put on again. The more we recruit our awareness during the session, the more the practice will be complete and deeper.

The VirtuaLiron yoga practice package includes 3 sessions of different length. 30, 60 and 90 minutes. You can choose the form of the teacher from 3 different avatars: A female body avatar where subtle changes in the body colors indicate the breathing sequence. A muscle model avatar where you can see during the practice which muscles are exerting force, and a skeleton avatar that shows the bones structure, engulfed in a transparent body envelope.

The teacher will always be in your field of view, regardless where your head is pointing to. This is a fundamental advantage over practice in the real world. You do not need to exit the posture or the flow of movement in order to see what the teacher is doing. While you practice, your head rotation also determines the angle you will see the teacher from.


VirtuaLiron is a Motek Entertainment project by Oshri Even Zohar and Liron Alroy.

Oshri has extensive experience in motion capture developments and the Medical field. Liron Michaelli is a certified Yoga teacher and practitioner for over 20 years. She has developed her own methodology, emanating out of the Vinyassa yoga stream with other elements she embeds in her lessons. Liron has her own studio in Israel where she teaches daily next to teaching across the globe in different workshops and related events.

Credits for the project:

Concept & realization: Oshri Even Zohar, Liron Alroy
Voiceover: Liron Alroy (Hebrew), Gabiella Lewis (English)
Music: Israel Kasif
Motion capture: Oshri Even Zohar
Programming: Doron Weiss

All rights reserved to: Motek Entertainment B.V.
Special thanks to:
Mao lin Liao, Michiel van Iperen, Marco Mepschen, Daniel ben Tal, Vicon, Motek medical, Itai Argaman, Amit Nichtberger, and to all of Liron’s students that participated in the development tests.

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